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Electromagnetic flow sensor mag-flux F5

This special design of an electromagnetic flowmeter (MID) is particularly suitable for measuring the flow of extremely small quantities and especially for use with proportioning and batching systems. In conjunction with the transmitters Intermag 2/Transmag 2, complex tasks can be solved using the integral software for batching applications. Typical applications can be found in the food industry, the dosing of chemicals in photographic systems, and the dosing of medicines in medical fields. When using the alternating field technique with the transmitter Transmag 2, even very small flows can be exactly measured as a result of the larger magnetic field and the zero stability.

The flow sensors mag-flux F5 are used mainly in the following industries:

• Water and sewage plants
• Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
• Food- and beverage industry
• Mining, cement and mineral materials
• Pulp- and paper industry
• Steel industry
• Power generation and distribution


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